Web design for Writers

Web design for authors

Our studio specializes in creating carefully designed websites for authors. We are experienced in working closely with writers and understanding their needs. We are aware of the sensitivity involved in presenting them and their books. We not only design aesthetic websites but also promote and help market new book releases with online marketing.

We have proven solutions for the different needs and features a writer has in his website. Links to Amazon and other bookstores, promoting book club readings and displaying reviews just to name a few examples.

We know how to create unique and clean websites for writers

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first book or you’ve been a writer for a long time, we think you deserve the best online representation possible.

We’re sensitive to your opinion because we know how much time and effort you put into your book and we’ll do our best job to present it in the most professional way.

Online Marketing for writers

Due to our experience in online marketing we can advise you about the different ways to promote a book through the internet. We always create websites that are optimized for search engines because we know how crucial it is. In addition, we offer an additional push in order to achieve even higher rankings.

We can manage an advertise pay per click ads campaign that will start bringing you traffic within 20 minutes and will be limited to your desired budget.

We can design newletters with promotions to your loyal readers in order to leverage sales from returning users.

We can also manage your social networks so that new users will become exposed to your website from their friends and family.

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